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Thursday, March 17, 2016

2016 Beautification Award Judging Announced

The City of Madison Beautification and Tree Board has released revised Judging Guidelines along with the application deadline and judging date.

Board Vice President for Beautification,  Amber Braman leads this year's Beautification Award program. Braman and the MBTB  revised the judging criteria earlier this year to communicate more effectively what constitutes an "Award Winning" property in the City of Madison.

Because of the changes, existing property owners should review the revised judging criteria for 2016.

While much of the judging criteria is unchanged from previous years, the new judging standards place a greater emphasis on the use of seasonal color in the landscape.  Bold use of color creates a focal point in a landscape and boosts the visual interest of the space while also attracting beneficial pollinators and wildlife.

Explained further, a commercial property with pruned shrubs, mulched beds and an edged and healthy lawn are still essential criteria,  but what will qualify properties for Beautification Awards will be the how color, texture and visual elements create a landscape scene "as a whole" that is not only well maintained, but also eye catching and distinctive.

Applications for 2016 Beautification Awards will be due May 7th.  A new, online form has been developed.  The application fee remains the same as last year ($25.00 per property) and can be paid online or by check.  All applications and fees must be postmarked by May 7th to be eligible for judging.

If paying by check, please mail application payments to:
Madison Beautification & Tree Board
100 Hughes Road
Madison, AL 35758

The scheduled date for property judging is set for May 19th, rain or shine.

There will be a Beautification Award Luncheon this year held sometime in June.  A date and location has not been fixed, but each property receiving a Beautification award will be allowed two complimentary tickets to the event.

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