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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Arbor Week Poster Winners Take City Hall

Local fifth-grade participants in the annual statewide Arbor Week Poster contest will be presented with certificates and prizes at Madison City Hall at the start of the Monday, February 22nd City Council meeting which begins at 6:00 p.m.  The event is part of Alabama's annual Arbor Week observances.

Madison Beautification and Tree Board member Marsha Harris coordinated the contest and will be presenting, along with Mayor Troy Trulock and other members of the Madison Beautification and Tree Board, the top four posters from each of the four City of Madison elementary schools participating this year.   Winning student entries have been notified.  First place posters from around the state are sent to Aniston, Alabama for consideration at the state level. This year's winners have not yet been announced.

"Can I get a drum roll, please?"  

Here are the top finishers in this year's City of Madison contest.  Congratulations to the students and their teachers for supporting this program.
Columbia Elementary - Poster by Jenna Velez

Columbia Elementary

First Place - Jenna Velez
Second Place  - Mikel Booth
Third Place - Courtney Lin
Honorable Mention  - Mollie Prang
Heritage Elementary -  Poster by Sachi Ranachandran

Heritage Elementary

First Place - Sachi M Ranachandran
Second Place  - Ava Penland
Third Place -  Ella Thomas
Honorable Mention -  Giavanni Fuller

Madison Elementary - Poster by Luke Mitchell
Madison Elementary

First Place -  Luke Mitchell
Second Place  - Emma Kate Lindsey
Third Place  - Madison Thornton
Honorable Mention  - Jayla Evans
St. John Catholic School-Poster by Audrey Groger

St John Catholic School

First Place Audrey Groger
Second Place Ella Stott
Third Place Claire Persaud
Honorable Mention Evelyn Detwiler

The Alabama Arbor Day Poster Contest originated in 1997 and is organized by David West,
County Extension Coordinator, Calhoun County through the Alabama Cooperative Extension System office in Anniston, Alabama.  Information about the Alabama Arbor Day Poster Contest is available online at  The contest includes guided classroom activities to foster appreciation and education on the importance of trees in our community and the environment. This year the poster's theme was "Trees are Terrific….Inside and Out!!”    View past winners of the state winners here.

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